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Logistics Infrastructure

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CLP Maintains one of the largest refined glycerin tank in North America. With monthly inbond vessels and millions of pounds of annual throughput, CLP offers consistent supply, swift movement of trucks and railcars, and we can support customers when they have unexpected surges in demand.

Tank Trucks

CLP Chemicals operates dedicated refined glycerin trailers in the Houston, TX market. These trailers are specifically outfitted to handle refined glycerin – these MC407 spec trailers have external coils, are insulated, and have no prior cargoes other than glycerin. Several are Kosher. Contact us today with your delivery requirements and we can evaluate usage of these trailers.

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CLP maintains a fleet of over 70 railcars in a variety of Oleochemical services. From Fatty alcohol to crude glycerin to refined glycerin, CLP has the right car for movement of Oleochemicals for your needs. CLP offers RC quantities of a wide variety of petrochemicals, too. Contact us today to discuss specific logistics options regarding the chemicals you purchase from CLP.


CLP imports containers from around the world. Contact CLP today for more information about shipping chemicals and ingredients in tank containers and flexitanks.

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Glycerin & Oleochemicals
Glycerin & Oleochemicals
Refined Glycerin: CLP Chemicals is among North America’s largest distributors of refined glycerin.
CLP Chemicals markets a wide array of industrial chemicals available promptly to serve the needs of large multinational manufacturers.
Energy production: Efficiency of well sites depends on the specialty chemicals involved.
Food, Pharmacy & Personal Care
Food, Pharmacy & Personal Care
CLP supplies product to customers involved in a wide variety of pharmeceutical and food businesses.
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